The Free 5-Day Simplify to Scale Challenge
Effective Marketing strategies to attract your dream clients
March 11th-16th
What you'll learn in this Challenge:
How to apply Kingdom Principles in the marketplace 

How to cut through the noise and stand out in a saturated market. 

Learn how to attract dream clients and become their go-to, with clear messaging and an irresistible offer.

The process I use to sell in a non-salesy way – don’t underestimate this…

… this is all about converting leads (getting them to purchase). It can literally get an audience whipping out their credit cards with minimal effort (no more yucky marketing and sales tactics that feel icky).

How you can implement a simple yet crazy profitable marketing strategy in your business that takes your prospective clients from cold to sold in less than 10 days.
How do you know if this Challenge is right for you?
God has given you a dream & vision for your business...You are a coach, course creator, membership site owner or service provider that has had a level of success with your digital product or service, but you want a simplistic strategy to get in front of more dream clients.

You don’t have the large teams, giant audiences (or email lists), endless time or budgets that the “gurus” are saying it takes to launch effectively (but you are also not a newbie to business).

Have possibly already done the crazy, stressful launches that didn’t produce the results expected.

You're tired of doing all. the. things and not seeing the business growth you thought you would.
You don't need more...
You don’t need more busywork. You don't even more information.

You need implementation.
they said
Hear from others who have jumped into a past Challenge....
Hey! I'm Jess!! I am a wife, homeschooling mama of 4 amazing kiddos, and Marketing and Launch Strategist for Christian Female Entrepreneurs.

I have been where you are. Knowing that my business changes lives and brings transformation, but needing to grow. 

In the Spring of 2016, I made my first online course. That first Course, which I filmed on my iPhone, brought in $13,000 in sales in 5 days! 

With no email list and a very small audience. At home and with 3 young kids.

However, a few short months later, I was down the rabbit hole of online business advice and decided the way to really blow this thing up was through a HUGE Launch

I hired the Launch Manager, the VAs, the Facebook Ads Manager, and the videographer.

And I netted less on that giant launch than I did on my minimal one. And I was 10x more stressed. So I went back to basics. Focused on the areas I needed to to scale, cut out the noise, and grew like crazy. And now I get to help you do the same, so that you can scale for the most impact and income. 
you asked
Your frequently asked questions...
Is this good for e-commerce or physical products?
No, this framework does not work great for e-commerce or physical products.
What if I have an offer already?
Great! This Framework is the perfect way to drive tons of traffic and create know, like and trust factor with your audience in a short amount of time. It is fast and easy to implement and anyone at any stage can do it.
What if I am just starting online?
It is not for brand newbies to online business. This is for established online businesses or those bringing an offline business online. 
What if I don't have a big following or budget?
You don't need it. The first launch I did implementing what I will teach you in this course I made $13,000 in 5 days, without paid ads, a large following or email list.
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